The BEHS Library supports a community of learning and literacy at Bishop England High School by providing high quality digital and print academic resources, helping students learn to research and evaluate information, and promoting reading and academic discovery.



studentsfeb2017Students have access to both digital and print resources. The PRINT COLLECTION  contains about 9,500 non-fiction and fiction books. The digital collection includes 30+ databases in DISCUS; thousands of reference articles in OXFORD REFERENCE and GALE VIRTUAL REFERENCE LIBRARY; thousands of nonfiction ebooks through EBSCO eBooks as well as ebooks students can download from the LIBRARY CATALOG and links to high-quality, reviewed Internet resources.


Libraries are about more than books and access to information. At the BEHS Library, we teach students how to analyze information and websites; how to develop good search strategies; what constitutes authoritative resources; how to cite resources and more.


librarylongThe BEHS Library promotes leisure reading as a means of relaxation, tapping into creativity, learning, and just plain fun. Students have access to a large variety of fiction books in many genres as well as current narrative non-fiction books.


Library volunteers are much appreciated. Donations also are very welcome. Please email or call Ms. Bing to learn about our current needs.