sitesThis is the post where I contradict myself and recommend websites for research.

Yes, databases are almost always your best bet for good research sources but there are some excellent websites that I use as go-to sources too.

Here are some of my favorites…

New York Times Topics – Current events, biographies, history, literature, science news, country data — you’ll find it all here in an easily browsable list of topics. Most include newspaper coverage, links to additional websites and articles, some primary sources and, often, video and images. Perfect place to start research on almost any subject.

BBC World History – Good source for world history, British literature, ancient history and biographies of world leaders. Just click on the tab for your topic to find excellent background information.

British Library – We do a lot of research on British authors here. If you want background information, this is a great place to start.

MedlinePlus – Need health information? Start here and avoid all the pseudo-science and junky sites on the open web.

Encyclopedia of Earth – If you need science information, use this online encyclopedia for background on environmental science, biology, chemistry, physics, health information, and much more.

homework help
BE Library Homework Help

BEHS Library Site – Of course, I have to recommend the BE Library! You’ll find links to all of the above sites either on the RESEARCH page or the HOMEWORK HELP page, plus some handy search engines and other resources too.

Obviously, there are many more good, specialized research sites — JSTOR has a nice Shakespeare site; is great for political coverage; UH-Digital History supplies excellent overviews of U.S. history; the Perry-Castañeda Library (UT-Austin) has links to almost every map you’ll ever need — but where to stop? What are your favorite research sites?