If you’re researching literature–authors, novels, plays, poems, literary genres, anything literary–the BEHS Library is an excellent place to start. Here are a few choices:


  1. PRINT BOOKS! So easy to use, so easy to find, and filled with information. Ask Ms. Bing, search the BEHS Library Catalog, or go straight to the literature reference section in the library.

  2. DISCUS! Whether you use Literary Reference Center, Bloom’s Literature, MasterFILE Premier or another database in DISCUS, you’ll get an MLA citation with every article and you’ll find key requirements for good research:
      • Authoritative sources
      • Knowledgeable authors
      • Peer-reviewed and/or editor-reviewed articles
      • Comprehensive background information

  3. JSTOR! JSTOR gives you all the key research needs that DISCUS offers and focuses solely on the humanities. This is a great source for juniors and seniors working on research papers.

  4. GVRL! Our Gale Virtual Reference Library volumes focus on literature — Novels for Students, Poetry for galeStudents, Shakespeare for Students and more. These are amazing sources, giving you almost everything you need in one spot — literary analysis, writing style, characters, author biographies and more. We have volumes in print as well as online so ask for help if you don’t see what you need on the website.

  5. BEHS Library Website! You’ll find all these sources on the library website plus writing guides, citation/bibliography help, and some handy search widgets to help find good literary websites.

So there you have it. All the literature sources you need to get that paper finished and get the A!

As always, ask Ms. Bing for help when you’re doing research. Be sure to come into the library to get your database passwords for home use.